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The Cardnial Perfect Fit Pet Gate comes ready to use right out of the box.  No assembly required.  Ideal for temporary or permanent use.  This pet gate is highly portable and multifunctional as a gate, pen or play yard.  The gate consists of 6 panels; 5 are fixed and one that is 2 parts and forms the gate door.  The Cardinal Perfect Fit Pet Gate is flexible in configuration options:  Straight line, L-Shape, Square, Hexagon, etc.  An ideal all-in-one gate, pen and play yard.

  • Painted wood and steel construction
  • 1" bar spacing withing each panel
  • Each panel measures 26.25"W x 26.5"H.  There is a 1.75" space between the black post and wood frame of panel
  • 10.5" wide puppy door opens to 10" tall.  Spring loaded.  Door can be seft open if desired.
  • Maximum straight-line width is 152" with 16" deep side panels
  • Pen/Hexagon maximum span:  52" wide
  • Rectangle:  30.5" wide x 61" in length
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